AIM Initiative

Breaking Barriers to NTD Care

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The challenge

Healthcare Truck Stuck in Mud

Some diseases are considered ‘neglected’ for a reason. They can be expensive to treat and manage. Information is hard to gather or visualize. Resources are limited.

The map

Map with Colored Dots

Multiple diseases. One map. Useful data already exists. Using health system records of neglected tropical disease (NTD) cases and related morbidity, AIM maps cases at a fraction of the cost and time of other methods.

The plan

Group of People Working

Evidence-based strategic plan. The maps are used as a critical tool to guide governments and their partners to extend limited resources by targeting areas of greatest need and highest risk.

The Response

Washing More Feet

Highly targeted and integrated case management. AIM maps visualize case data showing where higher numbers of people are affected by NTDs, and where these diseases overlap, making it easier to target integrated interventions, encourage early case finding, and manage and prevent further disability.


Group of Children Laughing

Access to healthcare for all. Combining integrated maps and plans with integrated case management, AIM helps to improve health, reduce disability, reduce stigma, accelerate elimination and break the cycle of poverty and NTDs.




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